Who makes for the best ‘naughty date’? Younger or older partners? Age-related preferences for dating depend on what you are looking for. Dating younger vs. dating older

Are you looking for a casual encounter, hoping to try a particular fantasy or hoping someone will teach you new things?
Sometimes you happen to be the senior in the relationship and you impart knowledge and skills. Other times you are the younger in the relationship and you are the ‘student’.

Remember that we’re not talking about perusing a relationship in the conventional sense of the word.Younger and older dates have their advantages and disadvantages, let’s identify them.

Dating Younger


You might be smitten with your younger partner for several reasons; younger toned body, energetic, fun, wild, spontaneous and willingness to comply. When you’re together, it’s’ fast and furious’ type of fun and ready for another round in no time. Dating younger is fun, sexy, exciting and never lacking thrills. A younger partner is suitable for a couple or older women who want to have a fun night without any strings attached.


While everyone likes to have fun, slowing things down and being in the moment from time to time is a nice change. Younger partners are still in their journey of self-discovery. They want to experience lots, with as many partners as they can to find out what they are into. You can only truly be a great partner when you learned what you like first and only then devote attention to what your partner likes to please them.


If you are just looking for a fun, exciting encounter where you are the leader then a younger accomplice is your best bet. Younger dates do not have much experience and are still learning, but you can impart a lot of wisdom. So enjoy a young, fit body for a change.

Dating Older


There’s a good chance an older squeeze has more sexual experience than you. They are more confident, open to suggestions and usually know what they want. Older partners are more connected with their sexual self. They understand that sex is an experience that can be enjoyed without attachment which will make them a great lover. They are more attentive to your needs, they know that a good sexual encounter is only great when both or all involved experienced an orgasm. Older dates are great for anyone who wants someone to invest time and effort on their pleasure.


Older dates have less energy to keep up with a younger more energetic date, but they take their time to ensure you have as much fun as they do and always consider your orgasm. Yes, their bodies are not as beautiful as a younger person but if they kept fit and looked after themselves they can be still sexy as hell. If the years weren’t as kind they have their knowledge and experience that they can share with you.


Older dates know what they want, they are more confident and more likely to get freaky. They are ultimately a great choice for a naughty date because they can teach you some important things about sex, equal pleasure and new fantasies you like to learn about.

Whether you date older or younger, each experience you have will help you find something new about you. How we experience it and learn from them is different for everyone.Some of us take our lessons from people our own age and others take it from older partners. We’re all different and we are the best judges with what works for us.

Whether you are the younger person or the older, your sexual desires want what they want and sometimes there is no stopping them. Expressing your sexuality is about embracing your inner desires, so let people decide what makes them happier on the way there – older or younger dates.

Sexual exploration has no age boundaries, each and every date is an opportunity to learn more about your sexuality.

What are your thoughts on dating older or younger? Have you been on both sides of the equation? Let us know in the comments below.